Sri Chinmoy’s music has been played on radio stations all over the world. His music is a popular choice for radio programmes that specialise in meditative music, world music and classical music. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Sri Chinmoy’s music for review or for airplay, please call +1 718 523 2600 (North America) or +49 151 50 98 64 83 (Europe and rest of world)
Music of Inner Peace – a new concert series

An audiovisual evocation of Sri Chinmoy’s concerts, where he played his haunting compositions on over a dozen instruments from around the world. The audience can view the peaceful melodies of the echo flute, the ethereal tones of the ancient Indian esraj, and the thundering cascades of the grand piano. Complemented by live choral performances by Sri Chinmoy’s students.
Songs of the Soul

A celebration of Sri Chinmoy’s musical legacy which began in 2008, in which a 70-strong musical ensemble perform arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music in a variety of different styles. Since its inception, there have been over 40 Songs of the Soul concerts in 25 countries. Find out more about upcoming events on the Songs of the Soul site