Riverside Church Concert

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In August 2000, Maestro Sri Chinmoy gave one of his most beautiful concerts in the Riverside Church in Manhatten, New York.
The concert began with a silent meditation, followed by an invocation on the conch. Sri Chinmoy then proceeded to play the esraj – his favourite instrument.

During the rest of the concert, Sri Chinmoy played other instruments, such as flutes, the banjo, the violin, the synthesizer, the cello, and the harmonium. He sang many of his classic songs, such as Jiban Debata, Phire Chalo and Jishu Jihsu Nam. (song about Jesus Christ

As a rousing finale to the concert, Sri Chinmoy played a dynamic improvisation on the pipe organ.

Sri Chinmoy later commented that the Riverside Church was one of his favourite venues for giving concerts, and he felt quite tangibly the Christ Consciousness. Many who attended felt a very strong spiritual inspiration from the concert.

Video produced Kedar Misani