World Harmony Run
The World Harmony Run is a global relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding, travelling through over 70 nations around the globe.

Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles
A global network of medical and health professionals, private volunteers and concerned individuals on five continents, dedicated to providing essential supplies and services the disadvantaged people of the world.

About The Artist

Sri Chinmoy performing on the cello in Kamakura, JapanSri Chinmoy is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, artist,
writer, poet and lecturer who has been the featured performer at over
700 concerts on six continents –– from New York’s Carnegie Hall to Australia’s Sydney Opera House to China’s Great Wall, from the Carrousel du Louvre to The Vatican. His performances have also been broadcast on international television including Ovations Art and Entertainment Network, Classical Art Showcase and CNN International.

Sri Chinmoy sees music as a universal language of the heart, a potent force that dissolves barriers of race and religion and unites humanity into one world-family. Through his music, he has drawn tens of thousands of people together in an experience of inner and outer harmony. He has also given command performances for Heads of State, Nobel Laureates and world luminaries.

Published by Simon & Schuster, Harper & Row and others, Sri Chinmoy’s  poetry, essays, plays and short stories — translated into twenty-seven
languages — explore the length and breadth of the human quest for
self-understanding. He has also lectured at universities worldwide,
including Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne and Tokyo.

Music of the Heart and Soul
In an odyssey that has spanned four decades, Sri Chinmoy has composed a
monumental total of 20,000 songs in both his native Bengali (13,000)
and English (over 7,000) — many hauntingly prayerful, others powerfully
dynamic. Both simple and subtle, his compositions invoke an atmosphere
of serenity. The essence of ancient Indian ragas is conveyed in a
single melody line easily accessible to the modern ear. The lyrical
charm and melodic resonance of his music leave a lingering resonance in
the listener’s heart long after the music ends.

Sri Chinmoy performs his compositions typically on over 20 instruments,
specializing in the cello, Western echo flute, esraj, Indian harmonium, piano and violin. Sri Chinmoy’s voice is strikingly stirring. He sings extemporaneously or with keyboard accompaniment, usually on the harmonium, a bellowed keyboard.

Keyboard, Violin and Esraj Improvisations
In 1987 Sri Chinmoy began improvising on the piano, synthesizer and
pipe organ to considerable international acclaim. He has performed
these works at some of the world’s most time-honoured and sacred
venues, including Notre Dame Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, St. John the
Divine, Borobudur (Indonesia) and the Great Buddha of Kamakura (Japan).